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Meet Liz

So happy you stopped by! I'm Liz, founder of Twinkle Lights and Cornbread, and as you probably guessed from the name, I love all things twinkly and topped with a little bit of a southern twist (Joanna Gaines is my personal superhero 😉.) I am an incredibly proud graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. I have spent over 15 years of my career in the events, communications, and public relations sphere. I am a passionate event planner, writer, marketer, and home decor enthusiast. Twinkle Lights and Cornbread is a fusion of so many of my passions.  I'm so happy to have you along this magical journey with me, and I promise, the path will be filled with plenty of enchanting twinkle lights and cornbread crumbs along the way! (p.s. scroll down to learn how the name Twinkle Lights and Cornbread came to be) xo, Liz ❤


The Inspiration

On a trip to Nashville with my best friend, I came across the t-shirt you see here. For some reason, the saying stuck with me, and as I was sitting on my back porch one summer evening underneath the twinkling glow of hanging edison lights, it hit me - Twinkle Lights and Cornbread.  When I said the name out loud, images began dancing around in my mind of someone sitting on their back porch in the beautiful south, drinking a cold glass of sweet tea with the smell of freshly baked cornbread coming from the oven. This enchanting and simplistic image, this aura, is what has guided and shaped my visions in all areas of my passion - my home, my wedding, my events, and my decor - and I can only hope Twinkle Lights and Cornbread does the same for you  ❤

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