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Design a Hallmark Worthy Christmas Tree Farm Entryway

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hey Friends!

I can't believe we are less than a month away from Christmas! That means, only a few more weeks of binge watching those addictive (and highly predictable 😉) Hallmark Christmas movies.

I have to say, aside from the fairytale, feel-good love stories of Hallmark movies, I find myself curled up on our couch under a knitted blanket every night, clutching my festive Christmas mug filled to the brim with creamy hot cocoa and melted marshmallows, engulfed by the warmth of our beautiful stone fireplace and the glow of our twinkling tree, in absolute awe of the décor and designs in each and every Hallmark movie. Yes, I watch Hallmark movies for design inspiration, because, well, does anything else say Christmas time like those movies?

So, after months of subjecting my husband to hours upon hours of Hallmark movie watching (he's such a good sport), I found myself so inspired by the recurrent theme of the main characters falling in love while visiting a country-side Christmas tree farm, that I decided to design our very own Hallmark worthy Christmas tree farm entryway.

If you are as obsessed with the Hallmark set designs as me, and want to create your own whimsical tree farm entry way, here are my top must-haves to create that enchanting hallmark feel.

  1. Go for the greens, white and snow-covered "everything" design pallet

  2. Pick-up trucks are a must (come one, at least one character per Hallmark movie drives one to the tree farm!)

  3. A distressed ladder - because, well, usually the girl climbing it to check out the beautiful tree, misses a step, and the handsome man below catches her as she falls 😉)

  4. Lots (and lots) of snowball garland - name me a hallmark movie without a snowball fight, I'm waiting...

  5. Tree farm rustic wood signs and pillows

  6. A showstopper handmade hanging real tree branch sign - every time the characters enter the tree farm in their vintage pick-up truck, they are surrounded by beautiful trees and hanging branches - I designed this piece to evoke that enchanting scenery, and added the MERRY garland to really bring that authentic and whimsical feel to this design. My husband cut down a tree branch from our backyard, I added tree branch garland from Michaels and the MERRY white snowball garland from Target (both are linked below) and bam, instant Hallmark, feel-good fairytale vibes.

If you'd like to recreate your own tree farm, I've put links to almost everything I used below. Just click on the items you like and design away! If you'd like one designed for you, you can email!

Merry Christmas y'all!


Twinkle Lights & Cornbread


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